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We are pleased to announce that we are distributors for Raesch Quarz (Germany) GMBH quartz glass tubing and rod.

We have been supplying, working and fabricating many products in various differing types of quartz glass from many different suppliers for many years.

Over the past few years we have tried and tested Reasch tubing and rod and have been delighted with the consistent quality and reliabilty of their products, so much so that we mainly use them for all of our fabrication and supplies of tubing/rod to our clients.

We can supply tubing in any size you require, from 3mm o/d to an astonishing 1,000mm o/d!

You can check out their website at

Any enquires can be sent via our contact page or directly to:

Quartz Silica Products ltd.

Scientific Quartz ​Glassblowers and Supplies​

Our team are led by our senior glassblower, Perry Blye, who has forty years of experience.

Perry's expertise enables him to assist you with all your glass requirements and if he can't, he will know someone that can!

We specialise in fabrication to your design, just send us a drawing or sketch and we will provide expert advice and a free quotation.

We also provide the following:-

  • Interchangeable Conical and Spherical Joints 
  • Graded Seals
  • Flasks, Beakers and Crucibles
  • Combustion and Reduction Tubes
  • Furnace Tubes
  • Tanks and Boxes
  • Windows, Plates, Discs and Sintered Discs
  • Screwthreads

Many other products are available, please enquire for details